Census Tennis Team

Welcome to the Census Co-Ed Tennis Team website!!!

All Census employees, contractors, and their family members are eligible to play in either the league or tournament.

Departmental Tennis League (DTL)

The Census Coed Tennis Team participates in the Departmental Tennis League (DTL) with other federal agencies. Our season goes from late April to July. Matches are once a week from 6pm-8pm after work. DTL matches are played exclusively on outdoor clay courts at two venues in DC, either East Potomac Tennis Center (Hains Point) or Rock Creek Park Tennis Center (16th and Kennedy St NW). Each match consists of 5 doubles pairings (10 players/team), male or female. The league is for more competitive players. Census, BEA and other SFC employees, contractors, and family members are eligible to play on the league. All players pay an annual CBWRA membership fee ($3/yr) plus split the DTL league fee with normally totals around $70.

If you are interested and want more info contact Crystal Miller at crystal.l.miller@census.gov or call 301.763.5469.

The Flexi-Doubles Tournament

This will be an 8-9 week long tournament starting in late April. Participants will play in some short matches that they will schedule amongst themselves. We are hoping to get about 8-9 doubles teams to compete in it.

We will give you a schedule of other doubles teams to play during specific weeks. You would set up a time during that week to play your opponents. You can play during lunch, after work, or on the weekend. Whenever the 4 of you are available.

You will play 1 pro set, 1st to 8 games by 2, with a tiebreak at 7-7. This will keep the matches short and quick. At the end of the season, whichever has the most games won is the winner of the entire tournament.

All levels are invited to play in the tournament. This is a good way to get more practice and match time especially for people who do not play in USTA leagues. If you do not have a partner, we will find one for you.

If you are interested and want more info contact Crystal at crystal.l.miller@census.gov or 301.763.5469

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